May 7, 2021

LINEout. 18 (

I was down below in the leaves and the mud where my mother voice echos like grinding wheels.

I’m was born in October, and have been waiting since then to put my clothes on.

When i get hungry my mouth works in circles around all the food in the world.

The lock on the garden gate is hardly fooling anyone.

Once a weeks since the day i was born, i watch one day heading backwards, (backwards anyhow to how you might watch it go by.)

And the window i look through is the cleanest of all.

For my birthday (which is everyday) i give myself a hair for a president, or a leg, or an increment down hill, or the fist of the sun going backwards,( rising in the west)

I fall in in love often but mostly find it was just my foot sticking out from under a dead fern.

Specificity is meaningless.

It’s pointless to make compromises, all actions are swallowing.

Line out episode 17, a nice session from in a chicago basement while visiting there.

Live to tape electronic squabbling, part 3 of the quarantine sessions upload.

Tape 3 or 5 from Clear Lake Quarantine sessions. Live recorded to cassette. 

Tape 4 of 5 from clear lake quarantine.

Morning coffee sessions, live recorded to tape.

Mini series episode one of five.

Happy new year.

December 3, 2020

LINE Out( Numb~er 1~3)

Live  out, mix with recorded in time to understand 


Number 13
Yeah it’s not all about you doing that right ?

Live recorded electronic/experimental music. The episode is called: “Back to Basics, or The Happiness of An Egg, or You Can’t Fool Me This is How I Fool Myself”

August 23, 2020

LinE OUt. 11 (NEOWISE 2)

Live recorded electronic/experimental music, more sounds from/for the NEOWISE comet.

Live recorded electronic/experimental (County) music recorded in the Colville national forest.

August 1, 2020

LinE OUt. 09 (Microcosm)

Live(ish) recorded electronic/experimental music recorded in a tiny universe.

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